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Key Areas of Expertise

Callie Timothy keeps abreast with bigger pictures, developments, considering trends,
opportunities and threats as a result of changes in the environment as it may affect clients’ businesses.


It is a legal obligation for businesses (especially corporate) to prepare accounts…

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Business Plans

We understand the peculiar nature of our customers, so, we tailor services…

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Rental Management

We keep abreast with bigger pictures, developments, considering trends, opportunities and threats

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To how to set up a Payroll System - How to set up your payroll Checklist

Callie Timothy Helps You Make sense for your businesses

The Growing Trend of Outsourcing Biz Services

Our one-stop-shop approach provides integrated solutions to meet your needs at every stage of your organisation's development.

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Prince Chidi, Founder & CEO of CallieTimothy

We not only work for clients but do work with them, taking into consideration their business objectives, and goals and offering solutions

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We register new companies for both Local and International owners with the Companies House according to the Companies act of 2006

Record Keeping for Self Employed

You must keep records of your business income and outgoings for your Self Assessment return if

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Construction Industry Scheme for Sub Contractors

Deciding whether your work comes within CIS Are you a contractor or subcontractor under CIS? Employment Status Indicator tool Subcontractors responsibilities Subcontractor registration and obligations Getting paid and paying tax

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Why ~Call Timothy

Well, we look to support, help, and educate you. Then we take the hassle factor or the donkey work away from you so that you can focus on the business.

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Timothy Works

At Callie Timothy. we have impacted various companies and small business across industries

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Satisfied clients

We understand the peculiar nature of our customers and tailor services to suit them

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keeping abreast with the bigger picture considering trends, development, opportunities, and threats

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Team Members

Our team is made of experts in different areas of specialisation with a strong commercial sense

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Question & Answer

Check our FAQs for quick answers to frequently asked questions we receive.
If you have other questions write.


Our Growth 99%


Income Statement 80%

When and how soon can you come to see us?

When’s good for you? Let us know and we’ll do our utmost to help. If you need to see somebody straight away, we’re always out and about and can arrange to see you very quickly.

How easy is it to change accountants and why should I change?

If your existing accountant is offering you an excellent pro-active service at a fair fee then stick with them. However, different accountants will save you different amounts of tax and provide different levels of business advice. If your present accountant doesn’t offer the type of service you want and that we do offer, then changing over to us is very easy. Your existing accountant is not usually allowed to charge you for providing the normal handover information.

You seem to offer a lot. Are your fees expensive?

No! We offer fixed fees linked to the value of what we provide. We’re not always the cheapest and as with many things in life the cheapest is often the most expensive in the long run. However, we are not expensive and we offer excellent value for what we provide. Most importantly we never undertake work without agreeing the fee arrangements in advance so you always know where you stand.

I’ve just had my accounts done and don’t need an accountant until next year, so is there any need to contact you now?

The sooner you sign up with us, the sooner we can start saving you tax!

Will you come to visit us for an initial consultation?

Yes. It often helps to see your business, books and records, etc at first hand and we are always happy to invest our time without charge to show you what we can do. Of course, if you prefer to visit us, that’s fine too

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Customers Experience

While running an early stage startup everything feels hard, that’s why it’s been so nice to have our accounting feel easy. We recommend Callie .
It gets easier to work with clients when we have good structures and partners like Callie. It's intentional and he's not an outsider in our business.
A customer is the our important visitor on our premises, but it's not dependent on usly with great partners like Callie.

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GMD, Connexxion Group

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Product Designer

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MD, Laukamz
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