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The Range Of Services

We have written business plans for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries, including retail, construction, technology, and communications, publishing, food and drinks, renewable energy, leisure, and online ventures.

Whether you need a document to share your plans for the future with the rest of your team or are looking to raise finance for your business, our team of business plan experts has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours

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Background Checks

We're a 21st-century accountancy firm that focuses on excellence and compliance. We support corporate, private and not-for-profit organisations across various sectors

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Profile Assessments

I must mention here also that one of the ways we are increasingly gaining momentum is in the area of crowdfunding, so don’t forget, if that is something you wish to pursue

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Position Description

With over 21 years of local and international business experience, we bridge the gap between the expectation of clients and the reality of time.

Business Details

We understand the peculiar nature of our customers, and this is the reason we tailor services to suit their respective needs.

Open Communication

Our team is made of experts in different areas of specialisation with a strong commercial sense, availing clients the luxury and access to the right professional.

Sharing a Vision

We not only work for clients but do the work with them, taking into consideration their business objectives, goals and offerings.

Recognizing Employee

Our one-stop-shop approach provides integrated solutions to meet your needs at every stage of your organisation

Service Benefits

I’ve just had my accounts done and don’t need an accountant until next year, so is there any need to contact you now?

The sooner you sign up with us, the sooner we can start saving you tax!

How easy is it to change accountants and why should I change?

If your existing accountant is offering you an excellent pro-active service at a fair fee then stick with them. However, different accountants will save you different amounts of tax and provide different levels of business advice. If your present accountant doesn’t offer the type of service you want and that we do offer, then changing over to us is very easy. Your existing accountant is not usually allowed to charge you for providing the normal handover information.

When and how soon can you come to see us?

When’s good for you? Let us know and we’ll do our utmost to help. If you need to see somebody straight away, we’re always out and about and can arrange to see you very quickly.