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We register clients with over £85,000 turnover in a year or a specific period into a scheme and process the VAT returns as when due.

With the introduction of the making tax digital (MTD) regime by the HMRC, we are moving ahead of time to ensure that clients transited to the new dispensation without disruption to their daily activities

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Accounting Scheme

Some of these VAT accounting schemes have been designed for specific trade sectors. Others have been designed to deal with more general business issues. Some of the schemes can be used together.

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VAT Scheme

VAT Accounting Schemes - In contrast to standard VAT accounting, there are several alternative ways you can account for VAT that could save you time and money.

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Position Description

Trouble that are bound to ensue and equal blame belongs those who fail in their duty.

Timothy Schemes

Annual Accounting Scheme
Cash Accounting Scheme
Flat Rate Scheme
VAT schemes for retailers

Margin Scheme

Margin schemes for second-hand goods, art, antiques, collectibles Tour Operators' Margin Scheme

Plan The Growth

Many businesses think of growth in terms of increased sales, but it’s also important to focus on how to maintain or improve your profitability.

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When and how soon can you come to see us?

When’s good for you? Let us know and we’ll do our utmost to help. If you need to see somebody straight away, we’re always out and about and can arrange to see you very quickly.

Will you come to visit us for an initial consultation?

Yes. It often helps to see your business, books and records, etc at first hand and we are always happy to invest our time without charge to show you what we can do. Of course, if you prefer to visit us, that’s fine too

Is your fixed quote guaranteed for more than one year?

We’re not in the business of providing low quotes just to get your business for the first year and then raising the fees. We want you as a long term client who trusts us to do what we say we will do. We quote what we anticipate to be a fair fee for the value provided and would only anticipate normal inflationary increases if the work stays the same. Very occasionally there may be reasons why the amount of work involved exceeded what was expected but we would sit down and discuss these with you. In some cases, where it is clear exactly what work is involved we can guarantee the fee for more than one year.