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Many businesses think of growth in terms of increased sales, but it’s also important to focus on how to maintain or improve your profitability.


 Accounts  Taxation  Audit  Rental Management.  Management Accounts.  Business System Appraisals  Business Plans  Bookkeeping  Payroll Bureau  Compliance (HMRC and Companies House)  Non-For-Profit business advice

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Once your business is established and you’re making a profit on the products and services you sell to customers, you may want to start thinking about how to grow.


Things you can do to help grow your business include:

looking into ways of increasing your sales, both to existing customers and new customers improving your products and services by researching and testing changes with your customers developing new products and services, and selling them to new or existing markets taking on staff or training your current staff, including working with apprentices and mentors looking for additional sources of funding, such as bringing in new investors thinking about selling your products or services online work with a business mentor, who can help you think about how to do all of these things


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